Friday, 6 March 2015


Just cause I'm currently listening to Bastille whilst at work huhuhu~

So what has been happening, It's now March 2015 and the last time I updated was what? August 2014... ok that has been way too long. A lot has actually happened, Just before Christmas 2014 I made a life changing decision which is still in the process of being sorted, once everything has been finalised I will share with you guys, well to whomever wants to know haha.

Something also happened within my family, which was just too sudden. It has and hasn't affected me too much, but it was the death of an Uncle on the evening of New Years day. Rest in Peace Uncle.
It has affected me in a way that yes he was family, so I do feel sad for that reason and probably more so out of respect. But it hasn't affected me in the way it should have cause of the fact that my family is broken, very broken.

But anyway, bad things happen and life is too short to just waste. So I say take every chance you get to do the things you want, regret nothing!

I do have some old artwork to share, there isn't that much though due to the fact that most of it has been traditional doodles here and there and a lot of it I've either thrown away or stashed in a pile at home in a corner, and it's just sat there gathering dust =x

I should really look into getting back into drawing properly, I found an online article about it, something like getting into the habit of actually drawing, doing it for 21 days and for 1 hour a day as well. You're also supposed to reward yourself. I read it very late at night, so I've probably taken in half of it and not the other half. I will have to re-find the article at one point and share here. But it was teaching you to practice drawing the way I do already, basically they call it Master Draw. This is when you replicate another artists drawing/painting, this technique helps you learn how that artist draws and helps to improve your own knowledge. The whole point is to also not just to do it for one artist, but many. I may have to get back into that sort of practice again, because it really does help. But what I want to do even more is draw from photo references, I think I need to relearn my basics, and get confident with them again.

The fact that I haven't been drawing for a while means that I am severely lacking in all areas, I need to find a way to get myself back into it, make it rewarding for myself. Like I get what the article was saying, and I feel that is the same with my BJD face ups. I paint the dolls, and the reward is the money I get to put towards other things that I would like to purchase, like art-books, anime figures and more dolls LOL!

Anywho, here are some drawings old and new~


That's all I got to share with you =P it's not much I know. Sorry. I will keep trying though~ NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!!

Oh, I was also thinking of sharing some of my written stuff, but I'm not too sure on whom would read it. Some of my friends have enjoyed my written stuff in the past, so I may share them here or I might make a new purely writing based blog. We shall see what happens.

Until next time~

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hard to say

It really is hahaha~
Soooo.... again... I have been really bad with updating =B
To be honest, it's a struggle right now, has always been. Although, I have a few friends whom are supporting me firmly from behind, and I am trying really hard to reignite those old forgotten dreams of mine. They've gathered a lot of dust I'd say a good 2-3 inch of it XD so it is time to dust it off and relight my fire XD yes yes I am quoting song lyrics or titles haha~ Seems appropriate. I have tried to squeeze in some anime watching and comic reading which tends to get my creativity going, I have re-watched some old favourites and even watched a few new ones that I never got the chance to catch at the old cinema~ Nothing beats the big screen and surround sound. Any who, I'm not as talkative as I used to be XD So just have some doodles for now, I'm hoping to loosen up my draws so that it gives me a better feel, so that it feels like I'm breathing when I am drawing. That is the one sensation I miss the most, drawing without thinking.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Clear to say


Ok, so I seriously suck at updating anything! XD I think I'm qualified for the award of "You suck at updating your beloved blogs"


I love writing these things, but like I just neglect them until I get like an inkling of inspiration at 1:44AM in the morning, yes I do myself over. So much for wanting to wake up early and doing all these wonderfully creative things, or making sure I'm not too tired for work LOL although that isn't important, considering I'm still perfectly functional at work despite actually sleep walking around and having people tell me I should smile. No... I'm sleeping whilst working... leave me be LOL!


So what has been happening in my world? Not much to say the least, still trying really hard to draw more and to be more creative, I'm trying to find inspiration, but it's hard when most of my day is spent locked up in my prison (work). However, as most people would say, if there is a will there is a way~! I'm sure I'll find a way to break free of this repetitive cycle, which I am getting sick of. I just erm... haven't found that something to break from it. Any who I haven't done all that many pictures since my last update, so I will show you what minimal things I have drawn since.

Sorry that most of those pictures are instagram photos XD I tend to snap them for easy upload, I also tend to draw these images whilst I'm at work so I don't have easy access of getting these as digital copies, I also haven't used my scanner for a long time~ As you can see I still favour traditional drawing, it's just so much easier hahaha! I've also just noticed that my digital drawings... they're not on pure white backgrounds... they're grey... strange XD But oh well, doesn't matter. So there you have it and yes I lied, I had a lot more to upload then I thought I would LOL! I thought I only had like 3-4 images at most XD turns out I had more hahahaha~ Hope you enjoyed~